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Union Safety Certification Service

   Test capability

        Union Safety Certification Service has the standard test laboratory, may carry on many kinds of products the authentication tests, tests engineer to have the overseas famous security authentication organization work experience, the service project covers the European Economic Community (22 member nations), Germany, Northern Europe and other areas, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, US, Canada, Mexico, Argentina and Poland and so on. In addition, the test laboratory also attains German TUV and the American security laboratory (Underwriters Laboratories Inc., is called UL) issues safety test laboratory approval certificate, our specialized technology and the examination quality obtain the examine authority's affirmation once more.

the products that we can test:

       Information technology equipment: The switching power supplies, the monitor (CRT, LCD, PDP), the shredder, the electrically operated stapler, the electrically operated punching machine, the facsimile machine, the multimedia sounds, Modem, the scanner, the projecting apparatus, cross the rubber machine, set-top box, electro-optical transceiver and so on;
A/V products: The power amplifiers, video disc player VCD, DVD, TV, the monitoring device, the bass artillery (power amplifier), the radio cassette player, the MP3 broadcast machine, the language retakes courses machine and so on;
small household appliance: (cold/heat) the ventilator, the electric heater, the electric cooking pot, the toaster, the oven, the toaster, the slow stew-pot, burns the prill (plate), the coffeepot, the thermos (), explodes the juice machine, the mixer, food attends to machine, wire whipper and so on
Luminaire: energy-saving lamp, the desk lamp, the floor lamp, the wall lamp, the hanging lamp, the garden lamp, the Christmas lamp string, the ballast, and so on
other products: The power source adapters, the battery charger, the ultrasonic wave clearer, the water dispenser, massages the equipment, movement equipment and so on
components: The lamp holders, the transformer, the electric wire, controls warm, relay, capacitor, fuse and so on

bath and shower equipments

industrial machinery

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